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Reviews and Comments from Diary of A Lost Girl

"What is it about Wurlitza, who played Calstock Arts last night? They are a group of amateurs who play in a corner in a darkened room. They don't even face the audience. They play a bunch of 'pop' songs and a few classical pieces. There is no attempt whatsoever to engage with the audience in any kind of patter between songs, simply moving on from one to the next.

Then there's the film.... it's a bloody silent film!!!! Has the cinema not moved on in the last nearly 100 years!? The acting is melodramatic. It's in black & white. There are sporadic sub-titles. There's no wide-angles, zooms, aerials, panning or tracking. There's not even CGI. Maybe the directors fell asleep during the making of the film.

And yet.... and yet.... it works like a miracle. Wurlitza's third visit to The Old Chapel was another triumph. As one the audience gave its full and unstinting approval at the end of the film. If they could, I'm sure they would have settled down for a re-run of the whole thing as an encore. A measure of how genuine the applause is for any performance is when the performers give their thanks at the end, the audience gives warm and full applause after that as well as after the actual performance. The music was expertly chosen to run seamlessly with the film. It enhanced the experience. It reflected mood and added nuance. The musicianship was excellent. The performance fitted superbly with the images. And the film? I must confess, whilst I knew her own story, I had never seen Louise Brooks act before other than in very short clips. It was worth waiting for.The film's content was all the more poignant when you are aware that she, herself, had been abused as a young person. I must search out 'Pandora's Box'. Alternatively, I could wait and hope that Wurlitza add it to their repertoire. There is something engaging about the best silent movies and this one certainly achieved that.

Why does Wurlitza work? Because they bring magic. And that is never a bad thing." - Ian Craft ‐ Calstock Arts

"Fantastic as ever."
"You HAVE to see these guys. I mean totally unique musical experience goosebumps guaranteed with live sound tracking that includes some 90s gems - not to be missed."
"Stunning music and film. Brilliant performance from Wurlitza"

Reviews and Comments from Sunrise

"I loved Wurlitza's pop to classical mix ...they're fab!" - Badaude, The Guardian
"It was the highlight of Port Eliot Festival for me."
"A real life experience."
"Absolutely superb, a wonderful evening. Such a treat."
"Wonderful experience with such talented live music to accompany a gorgeous film."
"Imaginative accompaniment."
"Such a new and enriching experience."
"Fantastic! Really special experience."
"Totally entranced by a wonderful evening."
"Totally absorbing. Amazing live sound track. Overall a very entertaining evening."
"Bloody marvellous!"

Reviews and Comments from Piccadilly

"I saw Wurlitza last year and thought the whole evening was fantastic, so really made the effort to come again last Friday which was equally good... I would fully recommend this Cornish band who are refreshingly different. A fusion of everything, jazz, folk, rock and pop with a touch of classical thrown in. What I particularly admired was Wurlitza's skill in fitting the music to the films from both a timing point of view but also choosing just the right type of music. Whistling Take Five was a masterstroke!" - Nick Bailey, Classic FM

"I thought Piccadilly Performance was amazing...original and beautifully played. Thank you!" - Paul Moss.

"The performance of Cornish band, Wurlitza this evening provided a daring and singular accompaniment to the silent film classic, Piccadilly. Blending contemporary musical themes in a unique and seamless performance this entertaining hybrid offers a fresh approach to this genre. A musical and visual treat that is not to be missed." - Paul K Joyce (Composer/Producer)

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"There's no Bill Bailey..." by Roger Creagh Osborne
Wurlitza's album Dance the Night Away was reviewed in the third edition of Plectrum magazine. To order a copy visit The Cultural Pick.

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