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The Wurlitza CDs Dance the Night Away, Diary of a Lost Girl and A Cottage on Dartmoor areavailable by post from the address on our contact page. The cost is 10 including P&P. To listen to the tracks from Dance the Night Away, simply click on the links below. We are also on Spotify and Soundcloud.

Danny Don't be Fooled by the Packaging
Dance the Night Away Transition
Turning Japanese Elephant Fayre
Christmas Blues Heatwave
Tears at Midnight Whatever Happened to Jenny McGann
Theres no Bill Bailey Living in Hessenford Perpetual State of Fear
Weak at the Knees

"Are we what we buy? Or is this just another boquet of lyrics neatly tied with blue ribbon? Are we fooled by the packaging? Here the artists take us chain singing through our desire for the right brands to our emotional affliction with product. As we are drawn into this musical suburbia, so the lyrics cadenza towards a spiral of materialism, sycophancy, drink, drugs, sex anarchy and violence, finally journeying through the helter-skelter of escapism and its definitive and inevitable conclusion - shopping. Buy this CD. You'll love it."